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The Consortium of Dental Study Clubs 


The A.V. Purinton Academy is dedicated to providing our member doctors with top-notch continuing education.  It is in that spirit that we are proud to announce that we are joining forces with several other like-minded study clubs in the Greater Philadelphia area to form The Consortium of Dental Study Clubs.  This collaboration will allow us to attract speakers and programs to our area, addressing the most up to date topics in the dental field.  It will also allow us to benefit from the efforts of the other member study clubs and will provide our membership with even more continuing education experiences.  We think this is a very exciting time and look forward to reaping the benefits of our combined efforts. 

The Consortium of Dental Study Clubs

The Consortium of Dental Study Clubs is comprised of the following Dental Study groups in the Greater Philadelphia Area:

  • A.V. Purinton Academy of Dental Practice Administration
  • The Eastern Dental Society
  • Suburban Study Club
  • Dental Clinic Club of Philadelphia
  • Ewing Study Club

For more information on becoming a part of the Consortium,

please contact the office of:

  Dr. Richard Koup



The organization that we know today was established in June of 1957.  It was one of the country's first organizations established exclusively to help dentists with the development and management aspects of their practices.

The organization was originally called The Delaware Valley Academy of Dental Practice Administration.  The primary impetus for its formation was Mr. Al Purinton, a representative of a respected local dental supply and services organization.  Although he was not a dentist, he recognized the need for dental professionals to become skilled in matters of interpersonal relationships at a time when little or no education was was provided on such matters.  For quite a while he presented two day courses on practice administration issues.  This resulted in a significant following which prompted the formation of this academy that has continued to flourish and grow.

After his death, members chose to honor the accomplishments and memory of Mr. Purinton by renaming the organization The A.V. Purinton Academy of Dental Practice Administration.

The Purinton Academy has grown in membership and status over the passing years.  Today, we enjoy national recognition and attract prominent guests and speakers to our conferences.  Those invited to speak are recognized experts in the fields of finance, marketing, staff development and issues relevant to personal growth and satisfaction.

The A.V. Purinton Academy

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